The Rum Bar

The History Of Rum

The first modern rum was found in the Caribbean during the 17th century when the African slaves discovered that the byproduct of sugarcane production could be distilled to produce more hr alcoholic beverage now know as rum. The discovery of rum brought even more African slave to sugar plantations in the Caribbean, where each island mastered their own authentic recipe. Sample our superb selection of Caribbean runs and take a journey through the fascination culture, economic and ethnographic history of the Caribbean islands.

Feature Premium Rum

These premium ages runs are ideal for sipping.

Appleton estate 21 year, Jamaica- deluxe flagship master blends created by the worlds first female master blender! Incredibly amp h select blends of specialty rums. Aged 21 years. $22

Mount Gay XO Reserve, Barbados-Floral and Fruity, a significantly older barrel blend. Aged 15 years. $18

Mango mint Punch-this collision of sweet mango and cool mint flavors packs a real punch Pyrat XO rum, Patron Citronge mango, fresh mint, orgreat and lime juice. $10

Ocho Rios-as refreshing as the “8 Lakes” of its namesake, this drink combines tequila, triple sec, grenadine and orange juice for a boldly satisfying flavor. $7

Spanish Town Hussla-named after mam Joyce’s hometown, triple sec, coconut rum, blue caracao and pineapple juice collide for a flavorful blend as blue as the deep blue sea. $9

Pineapple Paradise- SERVES 2- a must have! Serves in a fresh pineapple, cool coconut rum, smooth amaretto, sweet pineapple juice and a kick of cranberry combine for a refreshing flavor that takes you all the way back to the islands. $16



Sample our exquisite rum collection with our $19 Rum Flights

  • Island Spot Too Flight-Shellback Silver, Shellback Spiced Rum, Gosling Black Seal

  • Island Spot Select Flight-El Dorado 3 Year, Appleton Estate Reserve Rum, English Harbor Rum

  • Choose your Own Flight-Pick 3 select runs of your choice

Or try one of our select rums solo

English Harbor 5 yr, Antigua 7
Pyrat XO Reserve, Anguilla 8
Malibu Citrus, Barbados 7
Malibu Peaches N Cream, Barbados 8
Mount Gat Silver, Barbados 9
Shellback Silver, Barbados 9
Shellback Spiced Rum, Barbados 9
Gosling Back Seal, Bermuda 9
Gosling 151, Bermuda 9
Novo Fogo Cachaca, Brazil 9
Brutal Anejo, Dominican Republic 8
El Dorado 3 yr, Guyana 8
El Dorado 5 yr, Guyana 8
Appleton EST Reserve, Jamaica 10
Appleton Signature Blend, Jamaica 9
Appleton Special, Jamaica 8
Appleton White, Jamaica 8
Blackwell Rum, Jamaica 7
J Wray and Nephew Overproof, Jamaica 9
Meyer’s Rum, Jamaica 8
Clement Rhum Agricole, Martinique 9
Cana Brava 3yr, Panama 7
Don Q Anejo, Puerto Rico 8
Captain Morgan 1671 Spice, St Croix 8
Cruzan 9 Splice, St Croix 7
Cruzan Mango, St Croix 7
Cruzan Single Barrel 6yr, St Croix 9
Sailor Jerry Caribbean Rum, Trinidad and Tabego 9


Classic cocktail recipes, tweaked to highlight our fine selection of Caribbean rum. Try them as listed or upgrade any select blend to a premium aged rum for $12.


Feelin’ Irie- red, white and green, this drink is a salute to the smooth vibes of reggae music. Don Q cristal rum, pineapple lemon juice and Mindoro melon liquor. $10

Jamaican Mule-a romantic and earthy, who needs vodka when you have a good rum? Appleton Gold, ginger beer and a splash of lime. $9

Painkillah’- pusser’s rum, orange juice, pineapple juice and smoothies j cream of coconut. Rich flavor yet deceptively strong. limit 2 per guest. $9


Negril Rum Punch- our top seller! Our famous rum punch is a TIS secret recipe, a delicious blend of fruit juices and white Appleton Rum. $8

Flaming Hurricane Gilbert- like it’s namesake, the most devastating hurricane in Jamaican history, this drink is a powerful swirl of Caribbean flavor. Don Q cristal, goslings rum and patron citronge mango mixed with passion fruit, lime and grapefruit juices. Served with a flaming lime. Limit 2 per guest. $12

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